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Campus Hönggerberg, HIL building
Campus Hönggerberg, HIL building

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Mathematical and Physical Geodesy

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Globally Optimal Multi-target Tracking

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

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Geosensors and Engineering Geodesy

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Deep learning for tree mapping (21.07.2016)

ETH and Caltech develop new methods to map trees and recognize their species at city scale using deep learning and publicly available aerial and street-view images from Google maps. This software will help cities to better manage urban forests and to orchestrate planting efforts to make our daily environment greener, less polluted, and more livable. Check out our interactive demo with 1.2 million trees in Los Angeles. (Press coverage LA Times), (KPCC radio interview) (Caltech Press Release) (Futurity Research News)

Find out what it takes to build a 57 km tunnel through the Alps (07.06.2016)

Building the new Gotthard-Base-Tunnel wouldn't have been possible without the remarkable commitment of many engineers and and uncountable numbers of specialists. Read more (German)

The role of ETH in the Gotthard Base Tunnel (30.05.2016)

No tunnel without science: the Gotthard Base Tunnel will be opened officially this weekend. The world’s longest railway tunnel relied on the expertise of dozens of ETH alumni and numerous ETH researchers. Read more

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